Atrial Flutter

Anyone deal with this? Please give some general info (symptoms, treatments, stories,. . ). After looking around, I learned — atrial flutter is exactly what it says. Your atria is fluttering, it is not making full contractions. Your heart beat mostly stays regular with this rhythm but can become extremely fast. Also, the number of times your atria contracts compared to your ventricle contractions will very. In your normal sinus rhythm (the normal rhythm of a health heart) your atria contracts once for every time your ventricle contracts, its called 1 to 1 conduction. In atrial flutter you can have up to 4 or 5 atrial contractions to every ventricle contraction. In addition to this, you can also go into whats called SVT. It stands for supra ventricular tachacardia, this means that your beat is starting above the ventricles and your ventricular rate is grater than 150 times a miunte. If this happens it can be very stressful on your heart, you will feels symptoms such as chest pain, short of breath, sweaty, racing heart, palpatations, light headed, dizzy, nausea. Treatment for Atrial flutter is a medication called cardizem, it slows down your attrial contractions and puts your heart back into a normal sinus rhythm. You can also try whats called a vegal maneuver. What you are doing here is stimulating the vegus nerve in your body, dont do this if you are lightheaded or dizzy though or if you think your blood pressure is at all low. What you do to stimulate your vegus nerve is you bear down. A good way to do this is to hold your breath and take your hand and push in on your stomach as hard as you can while you tighten your stomach so your hand cannot push in. Like I said though, if you have a low b. P. You can cause your self to pass out by doing this. I would make sure I could take me b. P. Prior to doing this and make sure it is atleast 100 systolic. The last and most extreme treatment is electrical cardioversion. They have to shock your heart back into a normal rhythm.

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  1. Paulina Smith says:

    atrial flutter is the top portion of the heart beating irregularly and too fast, this causes the pulse to be quick, you may feel funny heartbeats. This is not the same as atrial fibrilation, which is the upper chamber of the heart shaking not contracting on a regular interval. I know that it is difficult to understand so your doctor should explain it for you. Often times treatment is slowing the conduction of electricity through the hear to control the fast heartbeat.

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